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Dyanamic (Basil 15) is the product made up of extract from Tulsi (Basil). We all know the use of Tulsi in our life. Same way it also acts as bio stimulant, insect repellent in plant. Main active ingredient of basil is methyl chevicol and lioloe. Methyl chevicol is useful for organizing the system of plant. It acts as bio stimulant in plant. It also reduces the stress in plant due to natural climatic conditions. It also reduces the toxic effects of pesticides and weedicides. By the use of Divine it stimulates the photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis of plant. Plant becomes sturdy and disease resistance power of plant increases. By the use of Dyanamic flower and fruit drop is completely stopped. The size of fruits and grains increases. Due to more chlorophyll synthesis the TSS of fruits is much more than controls ones. After the use of Divine plant become insect free due to insect repellent action of lioloe