Lemon Plant

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The lemon (Citrus × limon) is a species of small evergreen tree native to Asia.

Lemon i.e. Citrus Limon is a yellow oval-shaped fruit with high juicy acidic content in it. It has wide use in the culinary and non-culinary affairs of the world. The acidic juice of this fruit is made of 6% citric acid and is sour to taste. Lemon is divided into three parts- juice which is contained in the inner body, rind, and zest..The pulp and rind (zest) are also used in cooking and baking.

Lemon has strengthened its roots since centuries because of its useful properties in food, baking, skin cleaning, age neutralizing, drinks like lemonades and soft drinks and much more. Besides this, lemon is also used for industrial purpose in development of fermentation process, in medicine it is used in aromatherapy and making of essential oils. Lemon contains high potassium, calcium, and iron, rich in Vitamin C, low in pH content and good antioxidant. 100g of Lemon gives 121 kJ of energy. China is the largest producer of Lemon in the world with 15.21% share of total. While India stands on second place in Lemon production with 2,200,000 tonnes of the lemon production.



Citrus Can grow well in variety of soil. Light lome or heavier but well drained sub soil appear to be ideal for lemon cultivation


Citrus fruits grow best between a temperature range of 13°C to 44°C.

Season of planting

Can be Plant in any season

Scientific Name

Citrus Limon


15 x15 Feet


Tissue Culture Seedless Thai Lemon


60 gm to 80 gm


Tissue cultue Thai Lemon Plant start Flowering from 8th month of cultivation and it give fruit through whole year.

Plant age Limit

Up to 20- 25 years