Mahogany Plant
Mahogany Plant

Mahogany (Swetania) is a South African wood species that has a high commercial market value. Climate conditions in India against South African mahogany used for sheep It is suitable for agriculture as it grows in any soil condition. India is in a very unbalanced natural condition which is affecting every weather. we nature Will help in balancing the flow and soil will be 100% Will make the household more prosperous. This will help in mitigating global warming and various infections due to climatic conditions.

Product and use
700 Plants per acre(8*8) sq.ft.

Mahogany wood, fruit and wood industry use in
1. Boats and Sheep
2. Musical instruments
3. Writing team
4. Furniture

The age of mahogany wood is 80-100 years.
Floors, whitewash and doors, healthy heart, blood pressureto overcome
This plant gives seeds once in 5 years. Through this, 5 kg of seeds are obtained from one plant. Its seed cost is 800 to 1000 kg.
The bark, leaves and bark are used for medicinal purposes in malaria, anemia, diarrhea and diabetes.and mosquito repellent It is also used in kidney disease and many other diseases.
In India, trees grow 60 to 80 feet in 10 years.
Used in musical instruments, piano, channeling, Is given.
Grows up to 100 feet tall in India.
1500 to 2000 cubic feet is consumed in 12 to 14 years. One shed produces 15 to 20 cubic feet of water in 12 to 14 years.
Indoor floors, bathrooms, floors, furniture and interior floors due to their high density