Orange Plant
Orange Plant

GICA provide the Orange plants of Mandarin variety also called as a Nagpuri Orange. In orange plants, in a 3rd Year harvesting process is start. Fruit size is min.350-400gm. Fruit is more juicy and have less seeds, so it has high market demand. This orange Quality famous in all over the Asia.

The fruit has a pockmarked exterior and sweet and juicy pulp. The Geographical Indication was applied for Nagpur orange with the registrar of GIs in India, and is effective as of April 2014.

Nagpur oranges blossom during the monsoon season and are ready to be harvested. The orange crop grows twice a year. The fruit available from September to December is Ambia which has a slightly sour taste. It is followed by the sweeter Mrig crop in January.

Product and Uses
300 Plants per acre (15 * 10) sq.ft.
Use in candy, Squash, juice and jam.
3 rd Year – 15-20 Kg/plant Production 300Plants*15kg(Orange)=4500 kg
Regularly consuming fruits, which are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant
Total Cost - 4500*40 Rs (average per kg ) = 1,80,000/-
Excellent source of Vitamin C and fibre
4th Year – 20-50 Kg/plant Production 300 Plants*20kg(Orange)=6000kg
Orange flavor volatiles - aqueous. essence, used for flavoring purposes.
Total Cost– 6000*(40 Rs / plant Average)= 2,40,000/-
Help promote healthy immune function
5 th Year – 50-80 Kg/plant Production 300 Plants*50kg(Guava)= 15000 kg
Oranges and other citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C. This nutrient is critical to the function of immune cells like natural killer cells.
TotalCost–15000 * (40 Rs/ plant Average)=6,000,000/-
The peel and juice are used to make medicine
Farmer also take inter crops during first three years.
The peel of sweet orange is used to increase appetite, reduce phlegm and treat coughs, colds, intestinal gas, acid indigestion and cancerous breast sores